About Us

Meet The Owner!

Hi everyone! My name is Justin, and I am the founder of PositiviTees Co. I am a 27 year old dreamer with a huge mission and a giant vision: Change the world through the power of positivity, love and happiness! I live in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida with my Shiba Inu, Maui. I enjoy many things including, but not limited to: meeting people, traveling, exercising and gaming. In my spare time, you can probably catch me hanging out at theme parks with friends or at dog parks with Maui!

How It All Started!

So do you remember back when you were younger and your teachers would ask: "What do you want to do when you grow up"? I remember my teachers asking me, looking for specific job titles. My friends would say they wanted to be firefighters, police officers, doctors, etc. I never answered with job titles. I would just say things like: "I want to change the world" and "I want to make people smile". I always struggled with figuring out what career path to follow, trying so many different things and either getting bored or just simply not feeling fulfilled. I was looking for an option that gave me the freedom to follow my passions on a limitless scale.

Well in November of 2018, I was driving to my family's house for Thanksgiving Dinner when an idea for a clever shop name randomly came to thought: PositiviTees Co. I immediately claimed the name on a bunch of social media platforms, and I started typing the streamline of ideas that were surging through my head. I sat in my car typing for a solid 30 minutes before going inside. It was in this moment, that PositiviTees Co. was born!